About me

Gerrit Menkveld


My passion is about communicating and working with other people. That is why I really love my job as an Agile Coach and Trainer. Everyone of us is different and we all have our own way of doing things, our motivation to do things and our own personality. For me the challenge is to have the different individuals working together as a team.


Before I became an Agile Coach I have been developing software for years. In a variety of different settings. From being part of a bigger distributed (Scrum) team to being an independent software engineer. From running my own small software company with less than 10 employees to being an employee in a world wide organization having more than 90k employees.


I have a strong believe in collective achievements over individual goals. That is, you need to have the right individuals and have them collaborate to become the unbeatable team!


Being part of a team and really winning the game as a whole, has been my mission since I started playing soccer. A teamsport lets you realize you have to do this together; one goal, one mindset, one opportunity, one victory!